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Babylon | Friday, August 2, 2019: 7 p.m.–8:35 p.m.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is screening a never-before-released in the US film called BABYLON to be shown twice in early August:

This is a rare opportunity to see a little-seen film in this country, whose relevancy even 40 years since its original release will move audiences. Here is a brief description:

“The incendiary Babylon has been finally released in the U.S., playing to packed screenings and hailed as a true discovery. Raw and smoldering, it follows a dancehall DJ (Brinsley Forde, front man of the British reggae group Aswad) in South London as he pursues his musical ambitions, battling against the racism and xenophobia of employers, neighbors, and police. The blistering soundtrack features Aswad, Johnny Clarke, Dennis Bovell, and more.”


Youth Cooking Class

The Jamaica Foundation of Houston’s Youth Group participated in a cooking class hosted by Ms. Ina Foster, longtime member of the Foundation and former owner of the first Caribbean restaurant in Houston. Ms. Foster started Caribbean Cuisine in southwest Houston over 35 years ago to serve a need in the Jamaican community. She served the Caribbean community for over 29 years. In her retirement, she continues to give her time to the Foundation cultural and scholarship programs.

March 30, 2019



Food is one of the biggest aspects of a culture and the Foundation aims to teach young people more about the Jamaican culture through cooking. Members and prospective members are invited to involve their children in the youth group in order to promote cultural pride through cooking, performance, dance, art, and other avenues.


cooking Life Lessons

Trust life and being resourceful, even in the face of adversity.
– I was new to cooking and things didn’t go as planned.

Work with what you have; it is not how well you can cook but how well you improvise.
– I didn’t have a peeler for the ginger root, but I used a spoon instead!

Life is not perfect and we can learn from our mistakes.
– I am much kinder to myself now that I know I can turn an accident into something wonderful.

Be still and be in the moment
– I was surprised the knife I was looking for was right in front of me!

Follow your instincts and account for your successes and failures.
– I am using what I’ve learned from this cooking class. I learned to season to my personal taste while following cultural traditions.

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Past Events

This Winter, our youth leadership group performed the Jamaican version of The Night Before Christmas. Members and prospective members are invited to involve their children to promote cultural pride through performance, dance, art, cooking, and other avenues.

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