My JFH Membership

The Jamaican national tree - the Blue Mahoe
The Jamaican national tree – the Blue Mahoe

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Jamaica Foundation of Houston member!

We value your time and we cannot wait to meet you in person, if we have not met you already.
Becoming a Jamaica Foundation of Houston member is simple!

FIRST: Download and fill out the Membership Form (please print legibly) Download Form Here
To fill out the application online:
(1) Completely fill out the form.
(2) Save As onto your computer.
(3) Attach the file to an email*.
*NOTE: Your email will represent your signature that all
statements on the application are true.

SECOND: Decide which membership suits your needs:
Student $10/yr
Single $35/yr
Family $60/yr
Endowed $600 for life

THIRD: Pay your membership fee

Membership Fee

FOURTH: Get the Membership Form to us:
via email:

via mail
PO Box 710824
Houston, TX

via person
Who are our Board Members?
The Process The Jamaica Foundation of Houston must receive both your membership form and full
payment before starting your application process.

(1) The Board of Directors will go over your membership form and check to see if we have
received received your payment. They will make a decision regarding your pending
membership status.

(2) You will be notified via email or phone of your membership status

(3) Either (A) your fee will be fully refunded in the same manner of payment or
(B) You will be warmly welcomed into the Jamaica Foundation of Houston family.
Please be sure to attend the next general meeting, on te third Friday of every
month. We will have some great things for you!


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