National Dish

Jamaica National Dish

The Jamaican national dish is ackee and saltfish.

Jamaica National Dish:- Ackee and Saltfish
Ackee and Salt Fish


Jamaica National Dish: Ackee and saltfish; served with Roast breadfruit and fried plantains

The ackee fruit is not native to the Caribbean island, and is rumored to have come over on a ship from West Africa in the the 1700s aboard slave ships. Its botanical name is Blighia sapida, named for Captain William Bligh who introduced this strange plant to England in the 18th century. While it has been introduced to Central America, Florida and nearby islands, Jamaica is the only place where the plant produces enough fruit to be canned and exported throughout the world. The canned ackee is primarily sold to expatriate Jamaicans living abroad



The whole ackee fruit is not edible because the unripe fruit contains toxins. The outer skin of an ackee starts off as a yellowish-green color and turns red as it ripens. When ripe, the ackee breaks open naturally while still on the tree. Inside this unusual fruit are three very large shiny black seeds, each surrounded by a creamy yellow “aril” (almost like a fleshy bag covering each seed). These fleshy arils are the only part of the fruit you can eat.