The Jamaica Foundation of Houston (JFH) announces its Annual Scholarship Program for exceptional college students and high school graduates in the Houston metropolitan area. Applicants must be enrolled in a post-secondary accredited program.

Scholarship Donation

The organization is seeking Corporate and Individual sponsorship for the scholarship program.

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Scholarship Requirements

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A completed application must be postmarked no later than March 31st of each year for the application to be considered.

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1. Applicant must be enrolled full-time in or accepted by an accredited post-secondary institution.
2. Applicant must submit a current original Transcript, 2 letters of recommendation, and a signed wallet/passport- sized photograph.
3. Applicant must also submit a typed essay (300 words) with this application of career goals, academic achievements, organizations, employment, and any other extracurricular activities that may enhance the chance of receiving this scholarship.
Please Note: All checks will be made payable to the school–without exceptions.

Mail completed application to:

The Jamaica Foundation of Houston
P. O. Box 710824
Houston, TX 77271-0824

For additional information contact us at (281) 241-9204 or send an email to


Support Needed


This is a request for your support of the Jamaica Foundation of Houston
Scholarship Program to assist talented and needy college students in the Houston area with financial assistance.

Organization: The Jamaica Foundation of Houston is a non-profit, educational and cultural 501 (C)(3) organization, dedicated to strengthening of cultural ties between peoples of the Caribbean and Texas, particularly those residing in the Greater Houston area.

Background: Each year, the Jamaica Foundation of Houston through its Scholarship Program, provides financial assistance, based on academic performance and family financial need to the most qualified college students selected for a pool of quality applicants. The program, administered by a Scholarship Committee, is comprised of at least one member of the Board of Directors, along with other individuals from the general membership, and/or officers of the Foundation. The committee is responsible for the program of advertising for applicants from Houston and Caribbean area Colleges and High Schools, and interviewing candidates for selection as scholarship recipients.

Recent History of the Program: Through the years, from the inception of
the Scholarship program in 1985, the Jamaica Foundation and its predecessor organization has awarded more than 300 scholarships. Recipients have gone on to graduate and become respected professionals in their chosen communities. The fields of specialization are diverse and include doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers.

Funding for the scholarships is a major thrust of the committee and requires an ongoing and dedicated effort to accomplish the goals set each year. The number of scholarships awarded each year is based on the number of applicants, academic qualifications and the amount of available funds.

Sole individuals, individuals with company matching funds, and sole corporate sponsorships have been and remain the backbone of the funding for the annual awards.

We encourage you to utilize your company match program to support our non-profit scholarship fund, as it is incredibly beneficial for several reasons. It allows you to maximize the impact of your donation by doubling the amount contributed. This increased financial support can make a significant difference in the number of scholarships awarded, providing more students with the opportunity to access higher education and achieve their academic goals. Ultimately, leveraging a company match program to assist our non-profit scholarship fund amplifies the positive impact of your donations.

In response to the tremendous support of the Scholarship Program through the years, the Foundation has established five recognition levels for acknowledgement of funding sponsors. The table below summarizes the sponsorship and recognition levels as follows:


$5,000 and above

$1,000 to $5,000

$500 to $999

$100 to $499

Less than $100



Make a Donation


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Another option is to pay by Zelle/QuickPay using our email address: 

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Another option is to pay by check or money order.

Make check payable to The Jamaica Foundation of Houston

The Jamaica Foundation of Houston
P. O. Box 710824
Houston, TX 77271-0824


Thank you for your tax-deductible contribution

Rationale: This program, supported by individuals and companies in the
community, will further the aims of the Jamaica Foundation in strengthening ties between the Caribbean and Texas. It will help to provide a more qualified work force for Houston area businesses.

Sponsor: Dr. Noel J. Clarke, Adviser: Darnette Hill, Chair