Jamaican Folk Music Workshop

Jamaican Folk Music Workshop: My Sweet Jamaica, by Internationally Renowned Jamaican Tenor Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins, Internationally Renowned Jamaican Tenor, hosted Jamaica Folk Music Workshops ‘My Sweet Jamaica’ for youth to learn about aspects of Jamaican life through folk music in hopes of keeping the culture alive. The workshop were interactive and quite engaging!

Workshops were held on Wednesday, April 20, at Tracy Gee Community Center from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm in Room AR-1 and at Prairie View A&M University in the Don Clark Building from 5-7 pm.



April 20th Workshop
My Sweet Jamaica – Jamaican Folk Music Workshop at Tracy Gee Community Center
Youth Group with Karlene Rose, JFH Director & Higgins
See workshop videos:

click link >> synchopation

click link >> Mento “Manuel Road” at Tracy Gee Community Center


Cultural Heritage Attire – Andrea McLemore with Steve Higgins


April 21st Workshop

Another workshop was held Thursday, April 21, at Prairie View A&M University at 5:00 pm in the Don Clark Room 137.

My Sweet Jamaica – Jamaican Folk Music Workshop at Prairie View A&M

click link >> Mento “Manuel Road” at PVAMU


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